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Although we reflect the policies of the National Union in almost all that we do, we are not always a mouthpiece for it. We regard ourselves as a body which conveys to the leadership of the union the views of the ordinary teacher – with all the usual frustrations and difficulties which go with the job.

Hertfordshire NUT regards itself first and foremost as a campaigning body. In those issues where we can have an effect locally – negotiating over the service supplied by the local authority – our voice is one that is listened to with respect.

In terms of representing individual teachers, our record is second to none. It speaks volumes that Hertfordshire NUT is very often the first port of call for Headteachers or the local authority when it comes to sorting out difficulties with individual teachers or with problems in a particular school.

But we always need more people. If you want to make a contribution – however minor ( and we mean however minor!!) please get in touch with us.

Teaching has never been more difficult. We need to protect and defend ourselves. We need to stand up to the piles of policies that come our way everyday from politicians, so-called experts and the media. We need to keep campaigns for better pay and conditions alive.

Need help, advice,or support?

Contact the NUT Advice Line from 9.00am -7.00pm
Tel: 0203 0066 266
Email: nutadviceline@nut.org.uk

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